“Tell me something about my future, then!” – My friend Anna asks when she hears I’m a spiritual medium.

I close my eyes and shift my attention from my physical, human personality to being a part of All That Is. After all, if the information about her future exists, it must be a part of All That Is as well. It must therefore be a part of me.

All That Is is very conveniently structured like a hologram – every part contains the image of the whole. A couple years back, I have learned how to read that image when I need to.

The moment information shows up in my head, I open my mouth to speak it out loud. No need to filter it through my logic. I deliver it to her without any filtering so she can use the information in whatever way SHE finds appropriate at the moment.

“You have incarnated into this life excited about exploring the theme of physical disabilities and health struggles, discovering how returning to your true nature gets rid of those limitations. You have already learned much about food, and now are discovering the mental and spiritual equivalents of a healthy diet. Have fun with that! Also, from my perspective, you will meet a man to settle down with within a couple of years, of course the exact timing depends on you alone.”

And there it is.

Not nearly as mystical or glorious as one might imagine?

After all, I didn’t tell her the name of her dead grandmother or how many pennies she had in her pocket. Every word could’ve been made up through a mixture of educated guess and cold reading. Where’s my proof then?

That’s the funny part. The answer is: who cares?

Proving that channeling is real means nothing to me. Providing information that leads to growth, relief or inspiration is all I care about.

Whether that information comes from my imagination, her spiritual guides, my intuition, a parallel dimension, her future self, an extraterrestrial being or… you get the point! Just because from the perspective of my subjective reality I am a channeler, doesn’t mean I must convince everyone else to see me in the same way.

You don’t need trust and faith in the UPS courier to take the package from his hands, unbox it and enjoy your new, monthly delivery of high quality peanut butter. Best eaten with whole-grain cookies!

Point is, the message is still useful if you don’t believe in the messenger.

Can channeling be learned or is it a gift you are born with?

The more research I do, the less I believe that you are born with anything. The most you can be born with is aptitude that needs to be honed through practice. Otherwise every tall person would be a Michael Jordan.

Fortunately for you, it just so happens that these days every generation of humans is born with increasingly awesome potential for channeling. If you are alive during this time of awakening, you have the aptitude.

Requirements for channeling:

  • Brain. Amount: 1. Type: healthy.
  • Expectations. Amount: 0. If you have any, better let go!
  • Not being a complete ANALytical jackass.

Do you think you have what it takes? Great!

I will take you through the key practices that opened me up to channeling. They were given to me in a course from Bashar Communications so be sure to check them out for a full on channeling course!

(If you have any doubts or questions, check out the Q&A section at the bottom of the post and if the answers aren’t there, asking a comment. I will update the Q&A periodically.)

  1. A safe place within your mind

Before I tell you how, let me explain why.

During channeling you will sometimes be facing your own fears and negative beliefs. It’s a natural part of learning who you are and remembering your true nature.

Many times when I was looking for answers, I found a very deep sorrow or fiery anger soaring through me. The answers were only available to me after I explored and realigned my negative beliefs in that area.

Channeling shows you the answer, but sometimes the answer is not what you expect. You may face your dark side and bring it to the light. You may find that a certain level of understanding can only be reached with a more positive and congruent belief system.

Just please, do yourself a favor and ignore all that bullshit that floats around the Internet about demons from hell sucking out your energy. You don’t have energy tits! Some people would rather make up crap about demons, then face their own negative beliefs.

I have never met a single demon in my years of channeling because I don’t believe in them. I simply worked through all my internal (infernal! get it? Sorry about that…) beliefs regarding self-hatred. I love myself and therefore no part of my mind will turn on the whole and attack it, posing as a silly demon.

I believe in love and love is all I found out there. If you find anything else, you will need to work through it as a part of your own belief structure.After all, everything you experience is created from the building blocks of your energetic vibration and architected by your belief system.

Easiest way to do it is to recognize it as a negative belief, explore it, let go of it and choose a positive one. Sometimes it is an emotional process and that is why it’s a good idea to channel from a safe place within your mind.

Imagine a place where you will feel very safe. What do you see, hear, feel and smell? Walk around that place and find a position, laying down sitting or standing, which feels best for you. Or keep moving around if you like. My safe place is actually an autumn forest.

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with that place and start every other exercise and channeling session from there.


  1. Remembering your connection to infinity

This exercise from Bashar Communications opened me up to an incredible feeling of being connected. Have fun with it!

  1. In your imagination become an energy body in space.
  2. Imagine your energy extending away farther and farther forward.
  3. When you have extended as far as you can forward, extend yourself backwards as far as you can.
  4. Keep extending yourself forward and backwards further and further out, until you extend all the way to infinity. (When shifting from a finite distance to infinity you will experience a shift in quality rather than just distance. Infinity feels very different from the finite.)
  5. After experiencing infinity in those directions, do the same up-and-down and right-and-left.

The first time I experienced the infinite, I burst into laughter and tears. The feeling was unbelievably ecstatic. Since then I have known that feeling as touching upon my true nature, as a part of All That Is.

I find it much easier to connect to information and beings and energies that I want to get in touch with what I start from my safe place and the feeling of infinity.

It is by no means the only way to channel, just one that works for me. Even if you follow these instructions step-by-step, you will still do them in your own unique way and thus proving that no two people are channeling in the same way.

Questions and answers

What do I do once I’m connected?

When you feel this connection to infinity, ask yourself a question that matters to you. Oftentimes questions are very important in the process of channeling. You have the master key to the infinity of doors and the question tells you which one to open.

Instead of asking a question you could also ask someone to meet you in your safe place. Try your spirit guides or your own soul for starters and have fun with it!

Why is it so easy to give inspirational advice, but I can’t tell how many cookies are in the jar?

It’s actually quite easy. There are never any cookies in my jar for I have already eaten them 🙂

Perhaps the universe is funny that way. Perhaps it would be too boring if channeling could be proved on television. The timing might not be right.

If you find yourself searching for proof, I suggest you work through your beliefs of self-doubt because I seriously doubt they are serving you in too many positive ways.

The way I understand it, information travels in the most obvious way and only if it serves you.

You generally won’t find an answer through channeling to a question of “does that boy have a crush on me to?” because most obvious way to know that is to simply ask him and watch his response.

You generally won’t find an answer through channeling to questions that serve nothing other than proving that you can channel. Do you really think it would serve you if you kept feeding your self-doubt by seeking proof all the time?

If you need proof, you’re doing it wrong and your intuition will not reinforce your negative beliefs. Through a lack of answer, your intuition will point you towards simple knowingness, which goes beyond logical proof.

What if I encounter beings or energies that are evil?

First of all, nothing is objectively good or evil. Those are value-based judgments and different people have different values.

Certain things can be positive: integrative and constructive by nature. Other things can be negative: destructive and separating by nature.

If you encounter negative things, the only question that makes sense is: “Which part of me is so attracted to this negative thing, and what does that teach me about myself?”

Find the darkness within you and bring it into the light so it can be positively integrated into you as a whole in a new way.

If you encounter something negative, treat it as a corresponding part of yourself and go through the exciting process of personal growth 🙂

If you don’t know how, try:

  • feeling the emotions with full acceptance,
  • journaling and processing your thoughts on paper,
  • asking yourself: “what would I have to believe is true for me to feel that way?”
  • or simply exploring the subject with as much love as you can muster.

Of course there are plenty more growth oriented processes. Generally go with those that revolve around acceptance, integration and learning about yourself because they are by nature positive. Ignore techniques that try to remove or destroy the negative things because those techniques are by nature negative.

Since you are a channeller, can I ask a question?

Feel free to email your question at joyfulrogue at gmail dot com and I will respond with a channeled message dictated through speech to text program.I don’t generally typed much on the keyboard with my hand injury still recovering.

I don’t mind, the blog isn’t big enough yet for me to be overwhelmed by emails and it will only take, as they say, a jiffy 🙂


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